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Owner: Kimberly Spratt

Falling in Love with Wine

I fell in love with wine while studying abroad in Southern France. M. Villa, my dinner host, offered me my first-ever glass, a classic French red. As I traveled around France and across Europe, I was eager to learn about the history of wine making, how to drink it, and how it was produced. A passion was born. I came home with a newfound love and a desire to share that love with others.

Name & Brand

Patrick at Stagecoach 2.jpg

Consulting Winemaker: Patrick Saboe

In 1996, Patrick Saboe was reshaping the Charleston, SC restaurant scene when a honeymoon to California’s wine country changed his life. What initially began as an excuse to celebrate the nuptials while enjoying a glass, transformed into a spiritual journey in pursuit of the perfect fermentation. Toward this end, Patrick traded the kitchen for textbooks when he enrolled in the Enology & Viticulture program at U.C. Davis.
Over the past decade, Patrick’s professional winemaking experience includes overseeing production at Verismo, Keller Estate, Petroni and Pezzi King. When not contemplating fermentation temperatures and yeast strains, Patrick enjoys tending the garden and sharing stories over the dinner table with his wife and three children.
It’s always been important for me to remember my roots and all the people who have poured into me and my dreams. I’m named after a family member who was influential in my own mother’s life. I created Della W, a variation of my name, to continue that tradition of influence and inspiration. I dedicate my dream to all of the strong, resilient, loving, and supportive women in my family. To the Caudles, Crawleys, Warrens, and Rices —I am who I am because of you.


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