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Kimberly Spratt turned her dream into a vintage reality

She has launched Della W. Wines

By Alvin A. Reid / The St. Louis American Jul 21, 2021


Della W. Wines founder Kimberly Spratt hosted a launch party on July 10 at the Ritz-Carlton in Clayton. 

Photo by Sheena Umeme Jones / electricYou Photography

Kimberly Spratt can attest that a glass of wine can change your life.


A native of Atlanta who later moved to Jackson, Tennessee, Spratt attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville and majored in French.


In 2008 while studying abroad in southern France she met a woman named Madame Villa. Spratt’s introduction to fine wines came with that relationship – and a career path was in the works.


“She loved interacting with people. Her children and grandchildren were grown. We often had dinner with her. She would bring a bottle of red wine every night,” Spratt said.


She offered Spratt her first glass of wine, and she remembers distinctly that it was “a classic French red.”


Throughout her journey in southern France, and as her education continued, “I kind of fell in love with wine.”


“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I decided to turn passion into profit.” - Kimberley Spratt


“I learned the history of it, the correct way to drink it. I have continued to grow my love for wine,” she said.


She also traveled throughout France and Europe, learning how wine is produced.


Upon her return to the U.S., she brought “a newfound love and a desire to share that love with others,” Spratt said.


Spratt’s romance with wine led her to create Della W. Wines. She and her husband, St. Louis native Willie Spratt, hosted a launch party and wine tasting on July 10 at the Ritz-Carlton in Clayton.


“I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I decided to turn passion into profit. That is what prompted me,” she explained.


“I think I can be a major contributor to the American wine industry.”


Spratt’s label produces a respective 2019 Sauvignon Blanc and 2019 Rose`, which were served at the launch party that drew dozens of wine appreciators. Both sell for $32.95 for a 750 ml bottle.


The Sauvignon Blanc is fermented in oak and steel barrels and is described as “light and fruit forward with a smooth finish.”


The Rose` is a “unique blend of Tempranillo and Movado grapes and “has a neat and clean finish with a touch of sweetness.”

Her wines are produced from “prestigious vineyards across California’s historic world-famous Napa region and surrounding areas,” according to the Della W. website.


“Carefully cultivated and selected from the finest grapes, these proprietary wines have fresh, bold flavors.”


Next year, Spratt said, Della W. plans to add a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to her label.

Della W. Wine owners Willie and Kimberly Spratt talk with Gina James husband Beejay Theradiodj during their launch at the Ritz Carlton Clayton Sat. July 10, 2021. Her label currently offers Sauvignon Blanc and Rose`, along with premium wine boxes. She plans to add a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir next year.


Photo by Wiley Price / The St. Louis American

While all sales are now online, Spratt is already working toward getting her label into retail and liquor establishments, and bars and restaurants.


“We are starting online to build local support,” she said.


“We will eventually have tasting, and Della W. wants to be involved in the community.”


Della W. will host events in October in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and the business is already making a difference.


“With our wine box sales, 5% of proceeds will go to breast cancer awareness and research,” Spratt said.


The company’s goal is to raise $10,000 for that cause.


The premium wine box sets, which cost $59.95, come with a bottle of wine and four top-grade accessories.


Spratt explains on the Della W. website that “it has always been important for me to remember my roots and all the people who have poured into me and my dreams.”


“I’m named after a family member who was influential in my own mother’s life. I created Della W., a variation of my name, to continue the tradition of influence and inspiration. I dedicate my dream to all the strong, resilient, loving and supportive women in my life.


“To the Caudles, Crawleys, Warrens and Rices – I am who I am because of you.”


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